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What the Game is about
Tin Mary is a 3d Action-Adventure Game-Serial wich tells the story of Mary who passes a lot of ordeals contesting her mind and the firepower of her lasers.

The world of Tin Mary is a technocratic steam punk universe. There diverse parties of power and interrest stay in permanent brawl to expand their dominions. War is more often to become the means of diplomacy. Between all fronts the mysterious "Lasergirl" or "Tin Mary" appears, seeking for a way to end all battles.

The game is part of my Bachelor Thesis "Episodic Video Gaming".The game provides a first scientifical step in my attempt to concept games as serials with several episodes and seasons. Right now I'm analysing the results and learnings i got from this particular episode. Unfortunately there won't be more episodes till I got more into game design and furthermore rise enough money to realize a whole AAA-serial.

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Walkthrough (***Spoiler***)

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Screenshots and ConceptArt

Introducing Tin Mary.
The main entrance of the flying fortress
named "Pervin 8".
A zeppelin armed with bombs and guns...
... to obliberate it's neighbours.
Inside this dreadfull zeppelin Mary has to stop
the agressive commander in order to prevent war by using her wit...
...or the power of her lasers.
Bamm Bamm Bamm!!
Concepts of Mary clad in yellow and green
Some villians.
The Stormbot as it appears in the game.
The "HCS Black Dawn" the huge flagship
of the steel army and HQ of Mary's enemies.
The flying fortress of the Pervin class.
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